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We Help In Your Report Writing & Assignment Writing in UK
We Help In Your Report Writing & Assignment Writing in UK
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Make A Format Of Report Writing By Including Seven Steps

A Title Page And Table Of Content: The first page of the report must be a title page having the title of the report pertaining to the subject. The Writer can put some good images and high quality pictures relevant to the topic on the cover page. After covering a page of table of content must be inserted. It should be computer generated and not the manually designed.

Abstract / Executive Summary: Although this section is written at the last, that is, after performing the entire study and writing conclusion and recommendations, but this page is added just after the title page and before table of content. This section includes succinct and accurate summary of the main features.


Introduction: Next in the sequence is one of the most important parts of the report, that is, introduction. This section gives a preliminary idea to the readers about the content discussed in the entire report writing assignment. This chapter highlights summary of various chapters included in the report.

Literature Review: Once the writer has done with the introduction, next is the literature review. In this writer explain or expand on the purpose of the research. In includes what questions are you seeking to answer, how did they arise, why are they worth investigating? This helps in interpreting and analyzing the findings.


Discussion: Once all the research questions have been identified, the writer will see how the present work will contribute to the answers and what kind of answers they point to, this must be written in the early stages so that writer has ample of time in filling the gaps is any in the later stages of the process.

Conclusion and Recommendations: The penultimate point is writing a conclusion and recommendations. This should logically follow from the discussion. A Writer must write the conclusion and recommendations in clear and simple language so that anyone can understand them.


References and Appendix: The last but certainly not the least in the report format is References, Bibliography and Appendix. As writer needs to reference the entire work, the references are put at the last so that anybody can read them and can also refer to the same. In addition to this, some of the supportive content is included under the heading appendix so that readers can easily understand what the report writer wants to deliver.

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